Mount Eliza Wholefoods


What started as a few families getting together to order bulk milk to reduce our personal waste has grown to a larger community of like minded people and a larger variety of local items available.

The producer benefits, our health benefits and there’s far less packaging and food miles. When we source our food  from farmers and growers, we create an alternative economy that sits outside the mainstream food system.

And then there’s the community aspect – belonging, helping, connecting, learning. Stories get told, kids get to be in the thick of a packaging-free food system, community gets cultivated. Good things grow from here.

Our goal is to bring affordable and sustainably produced items to our community. We strive to source products that are ethical, organic and local.

Orders close on Tuesday night. We offer delivery on Thursdays/Fridays or pick up is available in Mount Eliza. 

If you have any questions about our products, our purpose or our practices, you can email us at